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Seasonal Attunement

How we use choose to channel our energy on a daily basis ultimately determines how much vitality and ‘get up and go’ we have. Just like nature, our bodies have their own natural cycles or seasons. Tuning into our own cycles and rhythms on a daily basis and throughout the year can greatly assist us in maintaining and sustaining our health and wellbeing.

Nature demonstrates beautifully the different requirements of each season and shows us how to use our energy. In summer for example energies are more external and outwardly focused with longer days, ample sunlight and warmth encouraging growth, activity and movement. As summer starts to wind down, the days grow shorter and mornings and evenings become cooler. Leaves and flowers start to drop as plants move their energies inward. We may naturally find ourselves shifting down a gear too this time of year as our energy and attention becomes more internalised and not as outwardly focused as perhaps it was in the height of summer. Physiological changes occur in our bodies with the seasonal shift in response to temperature changes: our blood becomes thicker and we may begin storing a bit of extra weight to help keep us warm in the cooler months ahead.


Eating with the seasons further attunes us with natural cycles and the foods best suited for that time of year. Oriental traditions associate late summer with the earth element and the harmonising, balancing, and centring qualities it embodies. Foods that harmonise and align us with our centre and help to ground scattered energies include yellow and orange foods that are plentiful this time of year such as corn, carrots, squashes and pumpkin, kumara, apricots, peaches and other stone fruits.

It is an instinctual awareness that encourages us to slow down, rest more and visit our inner world with the sinking energies of the cooler months. However, our modern lifestyles barely acknowledge this very natural process. Many people find themselves trying to maintain what can only be an unsustainable pace of life throughout the whole year that doesn’t allow for times of rest, reflection and introspection as the seasons would dictate.

The more we know ourselves in terms of who we are and what unique strengths and abilities we have, the less we are influenced by social conditioning and the status quo. When our sense of self is strong we are better able to tune into our instinctual self that knows what we need to do, when and how to use our energy at any given moment. This self-knowledge helps us to live a more balanced, aligned and healthful existence season by season.

The Flowers of Transformation essences corresponding to the zodiacal sign of Aries are very beneficial for helping us to utilise our energy wisely and to replenish reserves when they have become exhausted through over-activity, excess or mismanagement. These essences align us with the transitioning energies of late summer and autumn.

No 1 Pohutukawa is the Pioneer essence that awakens and aligns us with the beauty of the natural world and nature power, helping us to become more self-aware and stable within ourselves. No 1 Pohutukawa is the ’initiative’ essence, helping us meet life and know who we are. When we know who we are we are less likely to be swayed by others and dominated by forces outside of ourselves. Use No 1 Pohutukawa when vitality is low or depleted and when our own needs are neglected over the needs of others.

No 2 Native Flax is the Warrior essence that helps us meet the challenges of the moment fully and presently without getting too far ahead of ourselves in anticipation for what may come next. No 2 Native Flax helps us to maintain an optimistic outlook, with a patient and balanced enthusiasm for life. Use when stress, tension and overstrain are draining energy and contributing to anxiety and exhaustion from doing too much.

No 3 Cook Strait Groundsel is the Hero essence that helps us to meet life, undeterred by setbacks and challenges. No 3 Cook Strait Groundsel supports us when we feel discouraged, inhibited or when self-esteem is low and our inner spark has fizzled and we have shut down. Use No 3 Cook Strait Groundsel to encourage self-assurance, connection with our centre and to find empowerment from within to ensure our needs are met.

Add 3 drops of each essence from the stock bottle to a glass of water and sip throughout the day. Alternatively, add 3 drops of each essence to a 25ml treatment bottle and take as a part of an on-going maintenance programme. Essences can also be added to a mister bottle filled with pure water and spritzed through the aura and around the home or office to enhance the energy of the space.

— Lana Raill
Lana holds diplomas in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine and New Zealand Native Flower Essence Therapy, and is a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Registered Practitioner. Lana specialises in working with vibrational plant medicine in the form of First Light® flower essences and is available for consultations in Grey Lynn and Avondale on 021 02468952 or by email: