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My Rite of the Six Moons Experience

- by Chris Griffiths

My experiences on the Royal Waka have been the journey of a lifetime and this is just the beginning.

From the bottom of my heart I thank Franchelle Ofsoské - Wyber for creating such an evolutionary programme which has enabled me to embark upon training which I have yearned to do for many years.

I am in awe of the Orchids, Fern Allies and Sacred Mountain Grasses. My deepest gratitude and respect for these Sacred Plants who have stepped forward to teach us and to make our initiations possible. They have given me such subtle and yet dynamic understandings and insights.

I am so appreciative and deeply moved to have connected with my Kaitiaki who have been with me for many lifetimes.

It has been amazing to connect with like minded Warriors from all over the world. We have supported and encouraged each other, paddling harder when one needs extra support.

The Rite of the Six Moons has been boot camp. Clearing the decks of physical, emotional and mental clutter. Out of my comfort zone using Facebook. Serious about transformation, there is challenge, anguish and ultimately joy. I have learned to BE as well as to DO.

Insights have been thrilling and incredible – more so because I doubted my ability and yet I have learned that as soon as I get out of my head – meditation is a natural process.

Now there is true gnosis in my heart and every cell of my body. My consciousness has expanded. I truly know that I am one with everyone and everything. My ego has diminished and my soul is expanding.

I am humble, strong, indomitable and powerful.

I AM a Rainbow Warrior of Peace.

— Chris Griffiths