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Reinforcing Our Health For the Year Ahead

Just like a building needs reinforcing to keep it structurally sound and standing for years, so too our physical body requires reinforcement as it is the vessel that contains our emotions, mind, and spirit and carries us through our earth walk.

The commencement of 2012 affords us the opportunity to make a commitment to reinforcing our health and wellbeing on all levels. The New Year brings with it a sense of renewal and the warmer weather in this part of the world invigorates our physical beings.

When thinking of ways to reinforce our health, we can look to our majestic native tree essences to help balance our chakras which have a direct effect on the glandular systems within our bodies. Our glandular systems- adrenals, pituitary, thyroid, ovaries, testes etc- modulate our metabolic functions and are involved in complex chemical messenger systems (hormones) that tell our cells what to do and when to do it.

Tree essence No 46 Totara is an excellent ally for reinforcing our solar plexus chakra and the associated organs and glands of this area. No 46 Totara helps to balance, strengthen and restore optimal functioning of the solar plexus chakra which is our centre of personal power. Totara supports us in accessing our true power, and helps to restore and maintain the health of our digestive organs. When the solar plexus chakra is balanced, we can act in a truly empowered manner, using the personal will wisely and drawing positive opportunities to ourselves. Digestion becomes strong and nutrients are absorbed from food efficiently.

No 1 Pohutukawa is a very helpful essence from the Flowers of Transformation family. No 1 Pohutukawa is the Initiative essence that works at a personality level to support a clear sense of identity, self-awareness, and a strong sense of self. When we embark on a journey to take control and be proactive about our health, strength and initiative may be required. No 1 Pohutukawa assists by helping us stand up for our individual needs, and to not be negatively influenced or swayed by what others may be doing. This can be especially helpful, for instance, when we wish to stop drinking alcohol or eating certain foods that aren’t compatible with our body, yet we find it ‘hard to resist’ around others who are indulging.

For maximum benefit, take 3 drops of each essence from the stock bottle in a glass of water 4 times daily or you can use them in a personalised blend.

— Lana Raill
Lana holds diplomas in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine and New Zealand Native Flower Essence Therapy, and is a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Registered Practitioner. Lana specialises in working with vibrational plant medicine in the form of First Light® flower essences and is available for consultations in Grey Lynn and Avondale on 021 02468952 or by email: