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Plant Profile: No 73 Coastal Lobelia

Lobelia anceps

Coastal Lobelia Deva’s Blessing

I offer you the mantle of balanced judgment and equanimity. Impartiality of thought, word and deed - a pure heart that weighs up and understands life’s unwritten laws.

No 73 Coastal Lobelia is the essence of equanimity. It allows us to remain cool and impartial and weigh up what course of action we need to take when faced with a difficult life event. Coastal Lobelia assists us to demonstrate fairness, balance, impartiality and reasonableness when having to make choices that ensure a fair outcome for all concerned, knowing that the decision we make can have far reaching implications.

No 73 Coastal Lobelia corresponds to the Tarot Key No 11 Justice. The figure in the tarot card holds a pair of scales in the left hand, reminding us that we call on the feminine intuitive side when making decisions. The right hand carries the sword of cool hard logic, to swiftly make the right decision when the time comes. Coastal Lobelia essence is imbued with the quality of left and right brain working in cooperation.

In the negative No 73 Coastal Lobelia state, we feel out of balance and may be prone to bitterness and resentment when life doesn’t go our way. We can experience bitterness or prejudice and tend to make irrational or unwise decisions.

Indications for the need to work with No 73 Coastal Lobelia include:

  • Having a personal sense of inferiority or inequality
  • Whenever we feel that life is not ‘fair’
  • When we cannot understand why an event occurred the way it did
  • When needing to look at an issue from all sides and see the truth
  • When lacking cool logic and impartiality
  • When accused of being unfair by family members or colleagues
  • When involved in legal proceedings, including court room dramas and custody battles
  • When not able to make a decision at all

This essence works especially well with children who often see life as unfair. Coastal Lobelia assists them to look at all sides of an issue and to understand why certain decisions have been made.

— Lesley Lydford-King
Lesley Lydford-King is a First Light Flower Essences of NZ® Registered Practitioner and Teacher teaching both on the North Shore Auckland and Tauranga. She is also a Certified Body Talk Practitioner and is able to tune in to the specific needs of a client in a very effective way. Lesley can be contacted via or Ph: 09-410-6011 or 021-111-2700