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Plant Profile: No 6 New Zealand Jasmine

Parsonsia heterophylla

No 6 New Zealand Jasmine - Perseverance

New Zealand Jasmine Deva’s Blessing

I bring the gift of persistence and practicality. Through me you are resourceful in times of need; eternally free to experience the simple joys of life.

New Zealand Jasmine is a slender climber with scented clusters of small white flowers that appear from November to March.

Key words for No 6 New Zealand Jasmine include perseverance, practicality, loyalty and endurance. This essence brings focus and determination and the ability to joyously meet the challenges of the material world.

The No 6 New Zealand Jasmine personality has high ideals and a strong sense of duty – the ‘salt of the Earth’ type. They know what they need and see life as an opportunity to grow, maintaining a balance between work and play.

In a negative state, they take on more than they can cope with and deny themselves physical necessities and enjoyment. Life becomes a struggle. They will shoulder other’s burdens and keep plodding, rather like a mule weighed down by a heavy load on its back.

Indications for working with No 6 New Zealand Jasmine include:

  • Seeing life as harder than it needs to be
  • Expectation of difficulty
  • Workaholics
  • Depression, despondency or fear around material matters, money, possessions, food and comfort
  • When recovering from long term illness
  • Longing for inner serenity and true happiness within oneself

Take time out, get back to nature and enjoy the simple things of life with No 6 New Zealand Jasmine.

— Lesley Lydford-King
Lesley Lydford-King is a First Light Flower Essences of NZ® Registered Practitioner and Teacher teaching both on the North Shore Auckland and Tauranga. She is also a Certified Body Talk Practitioner and is able to tune in to the specific needs of a client in a very effective way. Lesley can be contacted via or Ph: 09-410-6011 or 021-111-2700