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Plant Profile: No 44 Kahikatea

No 44 Kahikatea - Structure

Dacrycarpus dacrydioides


Stable and Secure

Kahikatea Seeds

he taru kahika – ‘the shaking of a kahikatea’, is a figure of speech in Maori which is a metaphor used to refer to gentle rain. When someone said this they meant that you needn’t worry as you would get just as wet as if you were to try and shake a kahikatea tree. It is a reference to the stability of this very ancient tree, recognized by its large flared buttresses that provide a strong secure base on unstable swampy grounds. As the tallest of New Zealand’s forest trees, kahikatea can reach a height of over 150 ft and be home to a whole ecosystem of different plant species living on its trunk and branches. It once dominated the lowland areas in New Zealand, forming huge dense forests and attracted great flocks of birds to feed on their bright red berries during fruiting season.

The Forest Primeval

When the atua god Tane chose to separate his parents papatuanuku Earth Mother and ranginui Sky Father in the Maori creation myth he did so with the help of kahikatea. The myth tells us that in order to force his mother and father apart he lay down on his back and pushed with his strong legs straining his muscles and sinews with all his might until they were separated. His legs that reached up are the lords of the forest, the forest primeval and the first tree that Tane created to keep his primal parents apart was kahikatea.

Kahikatea Deva’s Blessing

I bring the power of inner strength and stability. Through me you experience an inner foundation of being. Standing tall and ever extending – secure in the knowledge of your unique standing place on Earth.

No 44 Kahikatea is the Structure essence. It balances and strengthens the Base Chakra. This chakra is the energy centre that establishes the nature and quality of one’s life foundation. Its purpose is to create the structures that provide a successful physical and financial life.

No 44 Kahikatea strengthens our connection to physicality, it helps one to feel master of one’s own destiny, to tap into the life force of the Universe and to walk with certainty, confidence and presence on Earth. It helps one to feel safe and supported through knowing one’s physical needs will be met. It brings with it a sense of balance and belonging.

Negative Condition:

Addiction to security; materialistic; overly strict routines; feels unsupported; feels unsafe; greed; ungrounded; avoids responsibilities; financial difficulties; unable to achieve goals; self destructive physical tendencies; dislikes physical change.

Positive Potential:

Stable; self-sufficient; grounded; structured; feels supported, safe and secure; comfortable in your own body: physically vital and well; responsible; reliable; committed; ordered.

This article contains extracts from The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa Volume 1 by Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber.