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Plant Profile: No 24 Poroporo

Solanum laciniatum

Poroporo Deva’s Blessing

I bring the gift of willpower and resourcefulness. Experiencing a deep healing as you plumb to the depths – though me you fall safely into the arms of the all-embracing mother; finding peace in the exquisite power of her love.

No 24 Poroporo brings the gift of willpower and indomitable resourcefulness. No 24 Poroporo allows one to develop a stronger relationship with our willpower and direct it towards making things happen in your life.

The No 24 Poroporo personality carries with it true inner power. There is sustained intensity of emotional, sexual and sensual experience that brings a vibrancy and richness to life. Deep inner resources of physical, emotional and mental resources are waiting to be tapped into which can bring to life out-of-the-ordinary outcomes. In the positive No 24 Poroporo state, there is no limit to the possibilities in your life.

No 24 Poroporo corresponds to the archetype of the wizard – one who is open to positive supernatural forces in the life and can see the potential for magic in everything.

The negative No 24 Poroporo state can become self-destructive, with deep-seated emotional states including resentment, pessimism and bitterness creating an ongoing disappointment with life. There is a begrudging ‘poor me’ attitude, not seeing the connection to problems created and always finding someone else to blame for one’s hopelessness.

Indications for working with No 24 Poroporo may include:

  • A longing to experience magic and wonder in everyday life
  • Wishing to build one’s inner resourcefulness and to know anything is possible
  • Constant tiredness due to ongoing suffering and unexpressed emotions
  • Smoldering resentment, being the ‘wet blanket’ in company
  • Long standing, deep emotional depression
  • Waiting for someone else to fix the problem

No 24 Poroporo reminds us of our rich inner life and the ability to be the conscious creator of your own destiny with the essence of

— Lesley Lydford-King
Lesley Lydford-King is a First Light Flower Essences of NZ® Registered Practitioner and Teacher teaching both on the North Shore Auckland and Tauranga. She is also a Certified Body Talk Practitioner and is able to tune in to the specific needs of a client in a very effective way. Lesley can be contacted via or Ph: 09-410-6011 or 021-111-2700