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Plant Profile: No 13 Kanuka

Kunzea ericoides

Kanuka Deva’s Blessing

I bring the gift of spontaneity and self-expression. Through me you experience the connection with the inner spark; embracing the joy that comes when you live wholeheartedly from the centre of your being.

No 13 Kanuka brings us the gift of spontaneity and self-expression. No 13 Kanuka rekindles the inner spark of creativity and fun.

The No 13 Kanuka personality corresponds to the archetype of the performer – one who loves to shine and be the centre of attention. The passionate player on the stage of life. This person has strong animal magnetism and a healthy sense of personal pride, at ease expressing their creative power.

Re-ignite the fire within and celebrate the inner child – remember what it was like to dance and sing with joyous abandon, no matter where you were?

The therapeutic applications of No 13 Kanuka are many. In a negative No 13 Kanuka state we may see total mental and physical exhaustion and weariness, perhaps from experiencing prolonged mental or emotional suffering. One may feel they have no reserves left – their inner spark has been extinguished – and will make comments like ‘I feel so tired I could cry’ or ‘I am so exhausted I feel sick’.

No 13 Kanuka is the essence for the pain of creation as a result of having one’s pride crushed, often in childhood. It is also especially helpful for addressing fear of childbirth. This is an excellent essence for pregnant mothers preparing for the birthing process.

Other negative expressions of No 13 Kanuka may include

  • Stage fright
  • Creative or writers’ block
  • Hurt pride, shame or embarrassment from, for example, forgetting your lines in the school musical
  • Lost contact with the love and joy of self expression
  • Feeling painfully clumsy, awkward or inferior

You are invited to accept the gift of No 13 Kanuka and reclaim your role as a shining star in the theatre of life.

— Lesley Lydford-King
Lesley Lydford-King is a First Light Flower Essences of NZ® Registered Practitioner and Teacher teaching both on the North Shore Auckland and Tauranga. She is also a Certified Body Talk Practitioner and is able to tune in to the specific needs of a client in a very effective way. Lesley can be contacted via or Ph: 09-410-6011 or 021-111-2700