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Picking the Right Pet Food

It can be confusing trying to choose the best diet for your animal companions today because of the high level of advertising and availability of convenient and commercially processed foods. You may not even consider that a change in diet and nutrition may be beneficial for the animals in your care until a sign of ill-health or a behavioural issue presents itself. Just a few of the health issues which may be diet-related include allergies, skin irritations, gum disease, ear and eye problems, some cancers, weight imbalances, joint complaints and a lack of energy. It is wise to take into account other factors influencing the health and behaviour of animals such as genetics, environment, companionship, relationships with people, management and exercise. Whatever your reason for considering the dietary needs of animals, the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® can assist you to make decisions related to this subject.

  • No 49 Miro will help you to trust and use your intuition, to see deeper than what is presented on the surface eg. to not take all advertising at face value
  • No 73 Coastal Lobelia will assist you to make a balanced decision, as you research your animals' dietary requirements

Just because an animal likes to eat a certain product does not necessarily make it nutritionally beneficial for that animal. Many processed foods are highly salted making them more palatable. Some products contain ingredients an animal would not naturally choose to eat. Investigating nature's provision of the foods which have ensured the survival and evolution of different species for millions of years will identify some of the common ingredients.

If the animals in your care are under stress which may be diet related, the following essences may be given:

  • No 13 Kanuka to restore vitality in an exhausted or weakened animal
  • No 16 Small White Rata to help animal to be more at ease with its condition, restoring dignity, especially if suffering from loss of bodily functions, skin infections or infectious discharges
  • No 37 King Fern to repair and strengthen the physical/etheric layer of the aura
  • No 44 Kahikatea to strengthen and balance the base chakra and the adrenals, which can be affected by stress.
  • No 71 Coastal Convolvulus may be added to the blend for the animal in recovery, as often patience and acceptance are required.

Essences are generally given 3-4 drops, 3-4 times daily and can be given directly into the mouth, in drinking water, added to food or even sprayed in some situations around the animal.

— Marj Marks
Marj is a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand registered practitioner and registered Veterinary Nurse. Marj can be contacted on 09 422 0177, 027 612 5256 or by email: