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Pets Reveal Our Emotional State

When stress or changes of any kind are experienced within a household, the behaviour of our animal companions may reflect the effect this is having on the human members. Depending upon an animal's level of sensitivity and its connection with its people, it may demonstrate signs of anxiety and depression, be unusually subdued, off its food, be attention-seeking, behave destructively or even exhibit physical symptoms of illness. The animal may watch us intensely, following our moves and reading our energy as they closely monitor our emotions and actions. They may not recognize the cause of our pain but they will recognize how we are feeling, and if the bonds are strong between person and animal, they may exhibit their own levels of distress.

Boy and dog

If our mood and emotions are light and playful, they will recognize this too and may respond accordingly or simply be at ease because we are.

Essences which may assist animals in times of stress when they are affected by our own grief, distress, fears and worries include No 11 Chatham Island Geranium for excessive worry and to help the animal gain inner emotional security; No 29 Mairehau to help them manage a situation which is potentially overwhelming; No 40 Silver Fern for heartfelt trauma; No 64 Koromiko to support their soul to live within the family without taking on board the intense emotions or drama of the household, giving them a sense of calm. No 79 Fragrant Fern may be added when the animal shows signs of depression as it supports their soul to restore hope.

The dosage is 4 drops 3 - 4 times daily, in their mouths, on their food or in water and in some cases a mist bottle may be made up to spray around an animal such as a bird.

— Marj Marks
Marj is a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand registered practitioner and registered Veterinary Nurse. Marj can be contacted on 09 422 0177, 027 612 5256 or by email: