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Medicine Woman Apprentice on a Tour With Uncle Max

In October 2011 I attended an Uncle Max Dulumunmun Event in Auckland organised by the Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic Studies. Franchelle had brought Aboriginal Elder, Uncle Max to New Zealand to share his indigenous wisdoms. I was then fortunate to be able to go to Australia to further my learning with Uncle Max.

It is 3.15am on morning of my leaving to go to Australia to walk the sacred Mt Gulaga with the teachings of Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison. I check my computer for the cyberscrolls... I don't want to leave without reading them. I am so blessed they appear in front of me ... No.86 Ancient Kauri ... the path of the heart, being at one with the pulse of the Earth - Kairos time. How appropriate to be on my way to learn the teachings of the Aboriginal people and to begin the teachings of Ancient Kauri while I am there. I sit in gratitude on the plane for this Divine timing as the journey unfolds before me.

I am picked up at the airport by Uncle Max and am feeling totally cocooned in love and peace. With another who has come on this journey we discuss many things on the five hour journey to Narooma where we will stay. I meet another Medicine Woman enrolled on the Medicine Woman Apprenticeship and we share a room. How wonderful it is that we will do our ceremonies together.

It is Friday night, we meet the rest of the group and arrangements are made for the following day. We begin with a sunrise ceremony giving thanks to Father Sun as Sea Eagle blesses us with his presence. After breakfast we begin the 2 hour climb up Mt Gulaga with some of Uncle Max's family to guide and assist us. We have been told to walk in silence... I feel this allows me to connect more with the mountain, rocks and plants. I am in another dimension of time - aware of a deeper connection with soul, with spirit, with all there is. There is misty rain, at times it becomes heavy but it feels beautifully cleansing and warm. The rain blocks the views of the surrounding land - appropriately for me turning my thoughts and vision inwards. I stop and observe the tree people appearing through the mist. There is a strong connection when I stop by the trees and the rocks... I feel pulled down into the centre of the mountain as this connection is made.


At the top of the mountain we have a long wait as there is a delay for the rest of the group that are coming up the other way by car. Despite the discomfort of some everyone is calm and peaceful. We begin our walk to the sacred sites of Mt Gulaga. As the stones appear through the mist I feel an incredible rush of emotions rising with deep sobs and tears ... it is difficult to put into words but I will always remember the feelings I had as I connected with the Creation Rock and others of the sacred Mt Gulaga. Uncle Max shared the legends of his people with such a beauty and understanding of the ways of living as one and at peace with the land.

It was time to come back down the mountain and to share our experiences - many healings having taken place. On the way back down I become aware of the life in the plants along the way - I see them grow and interact with each other - I see the energy of the mountain.

The following morning is Whale Ceremony time - again a truly sacred experience. After the ceremony I get my flute from the car and go to an isolated place along the lagoon. As I am playing I see a large shape in the water and it stops in front of me in the shallows. It looks at me while I play and then swims away as I finish. I wonder the message of the Stingray with thanks and gratitude. I am in awe of this experience - another moment of connecting with the magical.

The drive back to Sydney with Uncle Max and his family was again a time of much sharing. Uncle Max invites me to dinner with himself and his beautiful partner Mirelle. I feel such a connection with these people, with this land - although not understanding what this is about I know it will become clear if it needs to be.

Sandra, Uncle Max, Gillian

I am home and feel like I have been away for months - it was four days. I do struggle to describe this experience for which I feel truly grateful. I have been touched at a soul level by Mt Gulaga and am blessed to have had these experiences while on the transformational Medicine Woman Apprenticeship.

Thankyou to Ngaran Ngaran Cultural Awareness for this Dreamtime tour.

— Sandra McAlpine