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Making Major Decisions for Your Animal Companions

Doggy in car

One of the more difficult decisions to make by a guardian or caretaker of an animal is the one which involves ending an animal's life on the physical plane. Other major decisions include entrusting the animal's life into someone else's hands because your personal situation is changing or perhaps you are faced with a choice of surgery or medication or to do neither. All of these choices can be the cause of much soul searching, honest reflection and sometimes angst, guilt and grief. Not only is the wellbeing of the animal to be considered but also the guardian's personal situation.

Professional advice from a veterinarian may be sought if the health status of the animal concerned is not clear.

Re-homing an animal can be a very emotional and challenging process in itself, whatever the reason. It can be difficult to recognise that someone else may provide a great home for your animal companion or that it is part of the animal's soul journey to experience life with someone else.

Initially, when faced with the choices of what to do and when the decisions are not clear-cut, a blend of the following First Light® flower essences may be put together to assist the process.

The dosage for the person taking these essences is 4 drops, 3-4 times daily from a treatment bottle.

Once a decision has been made, other essence treatment bottles may be made individually for both human and animal to help with any changes to be made. All changes are well supported by the essences and make for smoother transitions and more ease.

— Marj Marks
Marj is a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand registered practitioner and registered Veterinary Nurse. Marj can be contacted on 09 422 0177, 027 612 5256 or by email: