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First Light® Theme for 2018

Year 2017 is Number 11 Year

2+0+1+8 = 11

The year 2018 is a Number 11 year – a number known as a ‘master’ number which carries a particularly high vibration and offers the opportunity for enhanced personal spiritual growth and an expanded ability to be of service to the world community.

The number 11 is the number associated with creating balance between the spiritual and material worlds and has inherent within it the number 2 which is the number of wisdom and science combined.

Establish a new way of living

The number 11 corresponds to the powers of light and seeding in or working to establish a new way of living - one that is in keeping with your true self and which brings greater balance in the relationship between your physical and spiritual life.

The ancient people had no specific name or number for the number 11 and described it as being the number 1 and 10. The ancients understood that an 11 year was a special time when the powers of light represented by the number 1 could be worked with to ensure perfect order is established in the life represented by the number 10.

Deeper truths about your own life

In 2018 there is opportunity to see ‘behind the veil’ for deeper truths about your own life and how you can work with the powers of light to bring about perfect order. From this place of intuitive visioning, your future can begin to take form and a new way of living unfold.

In very practical terms, it is an optimal time to begin an ongoing program of self-transformation and personal development. 2018 is a year when you can begin a new cycle of activity and actively work with the powers of light in the form of First Light® flower and plant essences to bring about total transformation in your life and create change in the world around you.

First Light® Flower Essence Recommendations for 2018

To take advantage of the opportunities of this very special year – a number 11 year, the following two First Light® plant essences enhance the capacity to align yourself to the new cycle and the opportunities inherent in it.

No 64 Koromiko - The Wisdom essence. This First Light® plant essence supports you to bring inner poise and tranquillity allowing you to access wisdom and understand deeper significances. It is associated with the archetype of the wise woman – the priestess, healer or psychic.

No 73 Coastal Lobelia - The Decisiveness essence. Supports objectivity, clarity and impartiality. This plant essence supports balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, which creates opportunity to receive intuitive insights and act upon these insights in a neutral and purposeful manner.

In addition, the following First Light® flower essences are very beneficial to use in a Number 11 year to create change, uplift and inspire, engaging in activities that benefit self and others and surrounding yourself with those who seek to bring about positive changes on a bigger scale.

No 31 Native Iris - The Individuality essence. A torchbearer, radiates the energy of change, liberates oneself and others from outmoded beliefs and attitudes. Supports you to be liberated from the restriction or definition of who others think you are.

No 32 Ice Plant - The Freedom essence. A lightbearer, imagines future possibilities that are not yet conceivable to others, a wider sense of identity, co-operation and community based friendship. Desires to grow through shared experiences with others.

No 33 Rewarewa - The Participation essence. Restraint, wisdom, self-mastery, approachable, a universal outlook, engages in activities that benefit self and others. Works responsibly for the greater good.

You can take these flower essences individually 2-4 drops directly under the tongue or in a glass of water 3-4 times daily. Or you can use them to create your own flower essence blend.

To have your 2018 First Light Flower Essence Blend made up for you, click here.

It can take up to two months to establish energetic alignment and changes within the holistic being, we recommend to take the essences for two months.