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First Light® Love Blend

Whether you are single or in a relationship our special blend will support you to feel open to receive love and feel whole and complete.

No 13 Kanuka – The Spontaneity Essence - supports you to express your core identity easily and naturally and feel special and loved.

No 19 Lovers Daisy - The Love Essence - supports you to be connected to your centre and experience the power of love.

No 23 Lacebark - The Fearlessness Essence - supports you to positively embraces your sensual nature and experience deeper levels of intimacy.

No 47 Kauri - The Beauty Essence - supports you to give and receive love with ease and have heart centred relationships.

No 59 Star Lily - The Unconditional Love Essence - supports you to be open to the universal language of love and experience limitless love and compassion.

No 65 Tree Fuchsia - The Feminine Power Essence - supports you to experience love and completeness.

No 79 Fragrant Fern - The Hope Essence - supports you to increase qualities of attractiveness, charm and charisma.

No 112 Broken Heart Tree - supports you to retrieve parts of your heart, to be ‘whole hearted’ in a relationship or attract a new relationship.

You can take these flower essences individually 2-4 drops directly under the tongue or in a glass of water 3-4 times daily.

It can take up to two months to establish energetic alignment and changes within the holistic being, we recommend to take the essences for two months.

If you’d like to use the power of this blend to transform your existing relationship, get two bottles for yourself and two for your partner.

First Light® Self Selection Blend: ‘First Light Love Blend’

25ml Flower Essence Blend Bottle