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Creating Sacred Space for Healing

For practitioners working in a healing capacity, creating a safe, supportive, and energetically sound environment for clients that helps to facilitate the healing process is essential.

Creating a healing space that nurtures and supports people as they undertake their healing journey requires the practitioner to establish and maintain that space for their clients. In order to do this safely and effectively, it is vital for the practitioner to have clear, well- defined boundaries and to remain in a neutral state at all times when working with someone in a healing capacity. This will ensure that the practitioner is able to maintain their own energetic autonomy while working with another person and helps to keep the energy clear between practitioner and client. This paves the way for open, honest communication between the client and practitioner, for improved understanding and accurate interpretation of what is happening and what is necessary and appropriate at that point in time for the client.

Working as a practitioner in a variety of different environments, I have come to understand just how important it is to be able to create and hold a healing space whatever the setting. Through the use of particular First Light® flower essences, this can be done very effectively. The following essences can assist both practitioner and client when working together for a healing outcome:

  • Flowers of Transformation Essence No 21 Hinau - the ‘Sacred Space’ essence provides support at the personality level to hold the space for healing to be facilitated. No 21 Hinau enhances interpersonal skills and helps to establish the relationship between practitioner and client. No 21 Hinau helps the practitioner to accurately diagnose and interpret what is happening for their clients by maintaining clear boundaries.
  • Tree Essence No 48 Maire is the ‘Healing’ essence and helps to facilitate communication and honest self-expression. This essence energises and balances the throat chakra, the centre through which we express ourselves creatively. Working with No 48 Maire, we are better able to speak our truth and voice our needs. No 48 Maire supports both the practitioner and client to know when to speak and when to be silent, allowing both to hear the truth of what is being said or expressed.
  • Healers Essence No 85 Black Mamaku provides support and helps to reconnect us to our soul as we walk the healing path. No 85 Black Mamaku helps us to access our own inner healer and to begin the healing process. This essence can be used by both practitioner and client to tap into the deep well of healing energy that is available to us all and to take responsibility for our own healing process.

Add 3 drops of each essence from the stock bottle to a glass of water and sip as required. Alternatively, add 3 drops of each essence to a 25ml treatment bottle and take as a part of an ongoing maintenance programme. Essences can also be added to a mister bottle filled with pure water and spritzed through the aura and around the home or office to enhance the energy of the space.

— Lana Raill
Lana holds diplomas in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine and New Zealand Native Flower Essence Therapy, and is a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Registered Practitioner. Lana specialises in working with vibrational plant medicine in the form of First Light® flower essences and is available for consultations in Grey Lynn and Avondale on 021 02468952 or by email: