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Back to School Basics

As the year starts to take shape, children head back to school and for most this requires a significant change of pattern, from the long, hot, fun -filled summer days and late nights into a more regimented one. Many children have to get to bed earlier to get up earlier and the relaxed nature of holidays soon shifts into timetables and bell times. New cycles and rhythms can be supported with First Light® Flower Essence No 72 Shining Spleenwort. The essence of synchronicity, it will assist the child to find balance with the ‘imposed’ changes that often come with the beginning of a new school year.

New cycles provide opportunities to vision in new goals. At this time of year I spend time with each of my children working through what new experiences they would like for the new cycle and year ahead. Discovering the dreams or goals they have for themselves, we talk through how this can become a reality. No 56 Inkberry, from the seeds collection, can be most helpful at this time. If you have teenagers in your life Inkberry is the essence of choice to assist them to see new possibilities and support them to make realistic goals for the coming cycle with the increased expectations school places on them.

Children requiring support getting their ‘brain into gear’ and harnessing its power in the classroom will benefit from First Light® Flower Essences No 7, 8, and 9. No 7 Mountain Parahebe balances mental activity, No 8 Matata will support an alert, open and focused mind and No 9 Koru assists concentration and understanding new teachings or expectations of the teacher.

Creating a back to school blend provides beneficial support through this transition time. You can also choose to include a child’s constitutional essence in this blend. Speak to your First Light Flower Essence of New Zealand® Practitioner to assist you with these choices.

— Anna Gentry
Anna is a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand Practitioner, Diploma holder, and tutor. A qualified and experienced teacher, mother of 4 young children and co-founder of NaturePlayNZ, an organisation dedicated to assisting children, mother earth and the future. First Light® Flower Essences form the foundation of her relationship to assist all children to express beauty and balance in their lives. Anna can be contacted by email: