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A Wonderful Essence Gift For a Newborn

Perhaps the most significant of all ‘new beginnings’ is that of a child born into the world. As a family member or friend you can support the arrival of the new child with a personalized blend of flower essences.

Birthing into this world is an intense physical experience and No 37 King Fern will assist the baby at an energetic level as it makes the transition from the womb to the outside world. It is particularly therapeutic should any difficulty or trauma have been experienced.

During its first year, the baby is laying down the foundations for its base chakra and its relationship with the physical world. No 44 Kahikatea is the tree essence which provides support and optimal care for the base chakra.

Every baby has a personal keynote essence found in the Flower Collection. The keynote essence will support the child’s personality and is found by matching their date of birth with the corresponding First Light flower essence. Adding a Flower to the blend can help bring joy into their world transforming negative traits into more positive expressions.

In order to grow and evolve, every child comes into the world with a specific soul lesson that requires expression and mastery. The newborn child’s year of birth will match a corresponding essence from the Plant Collection to support this life lesson.

You can enter the date of birth (or even expected date of birth) of the baby you are making the blend for into the Consitutional Blend© application found on the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® website to find the corresponding flower and plant essences for the baby blend.

The blend can be added to the baby bottle or administered directly by putting 3 drops into a teaspoon of warm water. It is also effective for the mother to be taking 4 drops herself when she is feeding as the essences will also work through the mother’s breast milk.

If you need more assistance you can contact a Registered First Light Flower Essences Practitioner who can advise you on your newborn essence gift.

— Anna Gentry
Anna is a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand Practitioner, Diploma holder, and tutor. A qualified and experienced teacher, mother of 4 young children and co-founder of NaturePlayNZ, an organisation dedicated to assisting children, mother earth and the future. First Light® Flower Essences form the foundation of her relationship to assist all children to express beauty and balance in their lives. Anna can be contacted by email: