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6 Flower Essences to Help You Make the Right Decision for 2018

The end of year is fast approaching and 2018 is imminent! At this time, most of us begin to take a good look at the closing year and think about our goals and aspirations for the year ahead.

What we sow now, we will be reaping throughout the next year. Often at this time of year, there are big decisions to make and a new direction to take. This can be exhilarating for some and scary for others. Some people find it easy to make 90 degree turns (and even U turns) in their lives, others stand on the road not knowing whether to go left or right.

Indecision is often caused by fear of making a mistake, fear of making the wrong choice. There are 6 First Light® flower essences that can support you to rise above the mistakes of the past and make new decisions with ease and clarity.

No 19 Lovers Daisy - The Love Essence – helpful when feeling stuck in indecision and uncertainty. Lovers Daisy supports you to find balance, stay true to yourself and make wise choices.

No 47 Kauri - The Beauty Essence – helpful when feeling stuck in inner paralysis. Kauri helps to balance the heart chakra and supports you to trust yourself.

No 68 Puriri - The Discernment Essence – helpful when feeling stuck in inner conflict and making poor choices in life. Puriri supports you to recognise what has true value, develop discernment when there are a number of paths of choose and make appropriate life choices.

No 69 Bracken Fern - The Triumph Essence – helpful when feeling stuck in contradictory thoughts and emotions or feeling defeated by obstacles. Bracken Fern supports you to overcome challenges and bounce back from adversity.

No 73 Coastal Lobelia - The Decisiveness Essence – helpful when having difficulty in making a decision and experiencing inner arguments that go back and forth. Coastal Lobelia supports you to develop mental equanimity, have a balanced response to difficult life events and not be swayed by the thoughts or opinions of others.

No 82 Golden Tainui - The Transformation Essence – helpful when feeling stuck at the crossroads, delaying decisions and not responding to the soul’s call for action. Golden Tainui supports you to leave the past behind, envision an entirely new quality of life and embrace the new self.

Use these essences individually or together in a blend or a glass of water. Take for 4-6 weeks to begin creating positive changes in your life.